Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wandering the Whitsunday's ♡

Hi there wanderers, I am currently writing this post whilst half finishing some banana bread (yum!) and half packing for my trip to Sydney tomorrow! I am so excited but sad at the same time as it will be my last travelling trip whilst here in Australia :( I leave this beautiful Island in 39 days and I want the days to go by slower and slower :(

This post will be about my week at Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday's - which was absolutely amazing and if I could only travel to one more place before I die it would be to go back there and make the most of it! You will understand my fascination for Airlie Beach when you see the photo's ;) 

We (myself and Lucy) arrived on Tuesday the 11th of November and made our two hour journey by bus travel to our accommodation at Airlie Nomads Backpackers (brilliant place I highly recommend it!)

Once we had unpacked in our eight bedroom ensuite room we decided to go have a wander and see what Airlie Beach had to offer! We grabbed some lunch and found this beautiful swimming pool lagoon area so we decided to get changed and hang out at the lagoon for the rest of the day :) That night, since we still didn't have any roommates we decided to go hang out at the backpacker's local bar - Shed. We had way too many goon jugs but had a nice time catching up! 

The next day was Wednesday and we finally had roommates! They were called Maike, Daylan, Kim, Pascal, Oli and Marius and were from the USA, Germany and Switzerland. They were all really lovely and it was sad to have to say goodbye on our last day :/ However on Wednesday me and Lucy went and grabbed some healthy salads for lunch then went and hung out all day at the lagoon again because how beautiful is it? That night we all hung out at Shed and myself, Pascal, Marius and Oli decided to go out to a club called Phoenix and see what the night life was like! I stayed until about 2am but decided I wanted to head home whilst the guys stayed out until around 5am! 

Thursday, me and Lucy had booked an Ocean Rafting trip that was so completely amazing! We went on this really fast speedboat and saw loads of islands and even snorkelled for an hour! Then we had our bush walk at the national park and we got to relax on the Whitehaven beach for a couple of hours before heading back to shore. 

Friday was Lucy's skydiving date! She went off at 9am whilst I had a lovely sleep in as the night before myself, Lucy, Maike, Daylan and Kim decided to have a girls night out! We stayed out until about 3am and went to Mama Africa's (it was Throwback Thursday and so much fun!) and a couple of pubs along the way! We even stopped for some karaoke at Beaches Bar. We ended the night at Paddy's and made out way back to bed. Therefore, Friday was a day of once again resting on the lagoon and we decided to have a bit of a cheat day and have some Domino's for dinner! That night we went out to Magnum's to meet a Canadian friend, Andrew, and we found out there was a club inside the bar! Which we had not realised until then so we made the most of it :) 

Saturday was our last full day in Airlie Beach :( Me and Lucy booked a scenic flight over all the islands in the Great Barrier Reef that was an hour long and it was absolutely beautiful! Lucy was the co-pilot and I sat behind the pilot and managed to take some great photo's and video's. 

Heart Island! ♡

When we got back around 2pm we decided to have some quick lunch and once again (you guessed it!) go hang out at the Lagoon Pool with Maike. That night we decided to have a quiet night (or so we thought) as we were leaving at 5am the next day for our early morning flight. We ended up going to Shed and making our way to Magnum's (where they had a wet t-shirt contest.. Not sure how I feel about those as this was my first one ever) and hanging out with some friends before calling it a night around 3am and headed to bed. Waking up a couple of hours later was not fun whatsoever.. I really enjoyed my time in Airlie Beach and cannot wait until the day I go back! :) 

Hope you enjoyed my rather long post and that it gave you some travelling tips!

Sarah x

p.s don't forget to look out for my video all about my Airlie Beach adventures on my channel HERE!