Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Day in Las Vegas ♡

Hi Weshy Wanderers how are we doing? So today's post is going to be all about how I would transition my look throughout a day in Las Vegas! I have yet to mention this on my blog but I will be writing a post about how in the summertime this year I will be jetting off to New York to start my 5 week tour around America! One of the most amazing places that I will visit whilst I am there will of course be Vegas! I mean a trip to the grand old USA would not be complete without a night in the dazzling strip of Vegas now would it? Unfortunately, I will only be there for one night but fear not as I have compiled a list of looks that would (in my eyes) benefit someone when they only have one day and night to enjoy the sights Vegas has to offer! So let's jump right in! :) For this post I have partnered up with and given you my ultimate list :) Why not check them and their hotels out over here - Las Vegas Hotels? 

Now first off, let me just say I know I will never be able to fit in everything I would like to do in Vegas; like go to a show, have lunch out, do a tour(s), have dinner out, have a full on night out or even just visiting each different themed hotel, but once I am there I shall try to do most of it! So for the benefit of this post, let's say we're doing it all in the one go! 


I have already booked my stay in Vegas in the Luxor Las Vegas hotel but don't let that stop you from staying in some of the most famous hotels such as; Caesars Palace or the Aria Resort and Casino!

So you've woken up and you open your curtains to a breathtaking view of Las Vegas so what do we have planned? How about some shopping and some bus tours? 

Whether you're more of a fashion fanatic or a sweet tooth, there is lots to offer in Vegas. The Wynn Esplanade ranges from Louis Vuitton to Ferrari! Whilst on the other hand, the huge M&M's World store is more than a delight to take a walk in! 

So now that we have our destinations planned what are we wearing? Well considering the temperature in Vegas during the summertime is pretty hot I would go for something light and airy but that doesn't compromise my style in any way :) So I have two choices here, both are very laid back. Some brown gladiators with denim shorts and a cute flowery top or a super cute co-ord that stays within the flower theme! I'm not a huge heels person so would never be able to imagine walking around for hours in them! 


Now if you're thinking of taking in a little tour of the Vegas strip, why not try the Big Bus Tours they last 2 hours and you get to see Vegas on a double decker bus! Plus the price is pretty awesome, only $37! For this, I would probably get changed as I wouldn't want my outfit to get crumpled and it may be hot out, but the wind when driving along may cause a little shiver (I get cold very easily!). So for this I would pair shorts with a plain white top and a detailed kimono over it :) 


Now for lunch, we definitely need to dress this up a little, I would take a lovely stroll to the Aria and indulge in some light Thai lunch at Lemongrass! The first outfit is very basic but is brightly refreshed with some pastel pink accessories whilst the second outfit is very full on girlie with the pastel skirt and cute flowery crop top! I would probably not dress it up with accessories as I feel the shoes, outfit and bag do all the talking! 


A trip to Vegas would not be complete without taking in a show! So after out delicious Thai meal why not head on over to Luxor and witness the amazing Criss Angel! His show is only $71 and I'm sure it would be a guaranteed amazing spectacle! If that isn't your thing, then don't worry the amazing Britney Spears is also around at Axis Theatre over at Planet Hollywood doing her thing :) For this outfit I believe that comfort is important as shows do tend to go on for a while but then again this is Vegas so I'm sure a lot of styles would suit! Personally I would go with one of 2 choices; a cute crop top and skirt with some short heels and false lashes or some stunning culottes with a jewelled crop top!


Now for the next major event of the night! Where to go for dinner? There are so many choices it would take over a year to be able to dine out everywhere! But here are my top 2; the Lago next to the Bellagio Fountains and  L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon over at MGM Grand. Why not ravish yourself with some delicious French cuisine whilst taking in your beautiful surroundings! 

For such a wonderful evening out, the attire must of course suit the atmosphere and surroundings so for this I would style myself with some very similar pastel outfits that are embellished and simple yet really do stand out! 


Now that you have filled yourself up it's time to head home and get ready for the big ending to this wonderful day in Vegas! Time to hit the dance floor and get totally crazy with it! But where is best to go? Well I would definitely want to try out the Voodoo Rooftop at Rio Hotel and the amazing looking Foxtail Nightclub and the Pool at SLS Las Vegas Hotel! 

Seeing as we are in Vegas, the outfit needs to be on point and completely gorgeous! So I would wear either something very revealing and tight in order to show off that tan and all that working out at the gym or something more demure (yet far more eye catching!!) such as this exquisite sequinned dress with two shades of colour paired with some enormous black platforms and a small clutch! 

After all the excitement of the day, Vegas will be sure to leave you with a million more memories to forever hold on to :) As you may have noticed, this style transition from one to the next does include 6 outfit changes in total, but hey being in Las Vegas is as good a time as any to need that many changes! Enjoy what this amazing city has to offer and make the most of your time here! I hope you've enjoyed finding out how I would style myself during all these different activities! 

Sarah xx