Monday, 15 June 2015

Sudocrem Travel Size ♡

Hey there weshy wanderers! How are we all doing? Once again I have been absent from this blog but never fear I know when an entrance is due :) Today's post is going to be dedicated to a brilliant travel-size lifesaver!


Now of course Sudocrem is already a household name of its own right but what I wanted to point out about this little gem is the handy size and bottle that it comes in! This skin care cream is so gentle and soothing on your skin that it can be used as much as you want. It is a saviour in so many different ways such as helping spot prone skin (guilty!), flaky skin or irritated and dry areas such as the knees and elbows.  In fact I have many friends and family who even use this cream to soothe their sunburns! This brilliantly sized 30g tube means that its perfect to take anywhere with you or to pop in your handbag and the best thing is you don't even need to squeeze the contents out into a handy travel size tube as it's more than acceptable to take whilst travelling in the size it comes. It fits anywhere easily and that makes it perfect for on the go! 

This Sudocrem product can also be used as a moisturiser, for spot treatment or as a face mask all you have to do is apply a thing layer over whatever area you are treating and leave it to sink in, then later reapplying another thin layer to that same area.  


I have previously stated that I do suffer from spot prone skin and luckily had had a brilliant outburst of spots when I received this product, making me the perfect person to test out the product! Before going to bed I applied a small layer to all of the affected area's on my face and let it work its magic overnight. When I woke up I went for a shower and woke up to three very reduced spots! The cream had managed to stop the spots from looking so sore and angry and had reduced the size of them which of course was a brilliant start to the morning! I would definitely recommend this product as it is handy for so many different things! Whether you have a rash, sunburn or spots this handy little tube will definitely do its job :) 

Sarah x