Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Adventures in Adelaide ♡

Hi there wanderers, I am back from Adelaide! It was a stunning state and I had so much fun there that I was a little sad to be coming back to Melbourne (although Melbourne is where the heart finds its comforts). I arrived on Wednesday night and was greeted by my Australian friend Alice (big love!) who had come to pick me up. Her family were absolutely hilarious and were so nice and welcoming! 

Wednesday Night
Alice showed me around town and showed me the best bars and clubs and restaurants to hang out at.

We decided to go down to the Bay and see what was happening at the beach (along the way we managed to score a free Boost drink!) then we realised it was actually quite cold so we snuggled in our towels and I bought Havaianas flip flops (feeling cool about that). 

We went to the West beach along with Alice's dog, Pepper, and it was absolutely deserted which was awesome! We had the whole beach to ourselves and although the water was freezing we did still go swimming! That night we went out to meet Bridie and her friends as it was Halloween and we went to a Shisha bar afterwards but were horribly harassed so decided to leave! 

Saturday was a crazy day! After waking up early to take my friends dad to a check up we went for a brilliant breakfast! I got french toast with poached apples and a fresh orange juice :) It was so delicious! We then went home as we needed to get ready for Tash's big 20th birthday party and that was such a fun night! Everyone was so lovely and absolutely great - I have never been to so many clubs and bars in one night seriously! Had way too many drinks and way too much vodka and Passion Pop! 

Sunday was spent mainly in bed as I was still reeling from the previous night! We just chilled on Sunday and we went to the local shopping Emporium and had a look around then went home and made some homemade burgers whilst drinking (as per usual!).

This was my last day and needed to be up at 7am for my flight at 9am :( I got home to Melbourne about 1pm and was glad to see all my friends again! 

Look out for my next video all about Adventures in Adelaide coming up on my channel HERE! :D

Sarah x