Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Great Ocean Road & Mount Buller ♡

Hi there wanderers, it has been exactly one month and three weeks since I told you anything about my life! It is currently ten to eight at night on a wonderful Tuesday evening and I have packed my bags for my flight to Adelaide tomorrow at 5pm and I cannot wait! This post will be about my trips to Mount Buller and the Great Ocean Road as I realise they are long overdue! 

My next posts will be about:

1) my trip to Adelaide
2) dealing with university and personal life whilst abroad in Melbourne
3) my trip to the Whitsundays 
4) my trip to Sydney!
5) Great Barrier Reef
6) and finally the day my parents arrive! 

So just a heads up on what to look out for soon! :) 

First of all, my trip to Mount Buller was so much fun! I went with a friend from my Village called Lucy and her friends from RMIT University joined us. We first of all had to meet at 5am at the Docklands and grab a bus to the final destination - this trip was around three hours long so was not too bad and I cannot tell you how weird it felt to see snow in AUSTRALIA! I definitely was not prepared to see that and felt really odd seeing snow up in the mountains here. We skied for three days and had a brilliant time at night when we stayed in the first night and drank and played games. The second night we decided to head out to the bar up at the resort and although the drinks were super expensive I still had a really fun time! Coming back from Mount Buller made me sad so I decided to sleep and not feel the sadness but when I got home I realised that the effects of Mount Buller had shown themselves on my body as I was totally bruised from all the falling during skiing haha! 

Moving on to my Great Ocean Road trip! Although the actual sights we saw were breathtaking and absolutely beautiful, I felt like this trip was not as enjoyable as all my other trips so far. Let me give you some context - I had been out the night before and had maybe had a few too many drinks, having to get up at 7am was not my idea of a good start and the fact that the coach took around seven hours in total to see all the sights and would stop every so often (meaning I kept having to get up and get off eugh) made me feel even more tired and therefore made me not enjoy the day so much. The clouds were out and it was not that warm either so the day itself was not helping! Either way we did get to see The Apostles, the imfamous Great Ocean Road sign itself, Torquay beach and multiple other attractions along the road. 

Lots of love, Sarah x