Sunday, 7 September 2014

Phillip Island ♡


Hi there wanderers, how are we all doing? Great I hope! So I guess you have also been wondering where on earth I have been and what I have been up to? Well wait no more as I'm about to tell you (2 months later..) So last weekend I visited Phillip Island and on the way we stopped by a Wildlife Sanctuary, hence the Koala and Kangaroo photo's, where we got to feed the animals with a special bird feed then we got to get up close to them and had plenty of opportunities to take photo's with any of the animals at the sanctuary. Such as; dingo's, kangaroo's, koala's, wombats, horses, lama's and a weird rat looking thing haha! 

Then we moved onto Cape Woolamai which was absolutely beautiful! The beach was magnificent and the weather was just perfect for it as well. We hung out there for an hour and just soaked up the sun and waves whilst chilling on the sand then continued our drive to Phillip Island in order to see the nighttime penguin show. We first stopped by this cliff side where there was lots of manmade penguin huts! And we managed to spot a couple penguins nesting inside! There was also a cliff that apparently "belongs" to seals that have taken over.. It's called "Nobbies" and I have no idea why.. 

Around 6pm we finally made it to the penguin show! Nothing happened for about an hour but as soon as the first penguins began coming out of the water with all their fish meals that they had been on the hunt for for the past three-four days, all of them started coming out! We were sitting quite high up so could only see them quickly coming across the grass past us in order to get to their little huts under the bridge we were standing on. It was so cold but so cute to see them running back to their families! 

Since then I have been on my Mid-Semester Break and making the most of it by going skiing at Mount Buller (post on that coming soon!) for three days and spending the rest of my week chilling with my friends and working a lot because I am already skint and need monies! 

Sarah x