Saturday, 19 July 2014

Neighbours Tour! ♡

Hi there wanderers, once again I have deceived you in promising more beauty and fashion posts and more regular posts and for that I am deeply sorry :( However I have plenty to share with you!

Since staying two nights at the hotel, and having two lovely breakfasts, I have been back at the Village for 15 days now and so many things have changed! My Scottish roomate, Ruth, has arrived and we have totally hit it off! Also we have made lots of lovely new friends; Lucy and Louise from Scotland and GCU as well(!), Laura and Faye from Birmingham, Fifi from South Africa, Tanya from London and so many new Australian buddies! 

So far we have been going into town here at Melbourne basically everyday and we have tried and tested lots of new lovely restaurants, cafe's, bars and clubs. Me and Ruth had our University Orientation on the 15th and the 16th of July and we got to meet lots of international students from all over the world! Most of them were Brazilians and there was a few Dutchies and one Belgian guy haha! 

Also on Thursday night we had a Welcome Barbecue at the Village and that gave us the chance to meet lots of the residents here at RMIT Village who were either foreign or Australians from the country. After the barbecue we all went out to New Guernica's which even though I know I hate I always somehow end up back at that club.. Most importantly though me, Ruth and Laura went on a Neighbours Tour for fans!! Yay! it was so awesome :) Here are some pictures of the day :)

I am now really looking forward to O'Week! It is the equivalent of a Freshers Week over here in Melbourne :) That starts Monday and lasts the whole week unfortunately I have University also starting this week which means I will have to incorporate University with all my Freshers Activities here at the Village!

Speak to you's all later, Sarah x