Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Scintillating Sydney♡

Hi there wanderers, this post will be all about my adventures in Sydney last week! I was there for five days and had an absolute blast! I arrived on Sunday very early in the morning (far too early for someone like me!). Myself, Pippa and Alba made our way to our hostel in the CBD (after waiting over an hour for the shuttle to arrive!) and unpacked our belongings. We decided that as it was such  nice day we should walk into town and check out the Aquarium. So we made our way to the harbour and visited a lovely Chinese Garden. We then went to the aquarium and made our way back home as it was absolutely boiling! 

The next day was Monday and our day was fully packed as part of a trip we had previously booked. We were up early at 6.30am and went to wait on our luxury bus that would take us to the Reptile Park where we saw Koala's and Kangaroo's! My favourite animals :D Then we went on to the Dolphin Cruise which was amazing as I have never seen so many dolphins up close before! The last trip of the day was sand boarding which again was so much fun as I have never done anything like that before! Luckily, we managed to finish sand boarding before the heavens opened and out came the rain and thunder!

Tuesday was another early morning start! This time at 7am as we were going to the Blue Mountains and doing a whole intense day of hiking! Something I was not made aware of and therefore did not bring the right shoes with me.. We had a two hour hike downwards towards the fountain (which I did not find amazing enough to have walked that much for!), all the while bear in mind I am wearing completely the wrong shoes and am not exactly your typical hiking kind of person haha! We were then told it would be another two hour hike back but this time walking UP which is absolute torture for me! We had to climb these incredibly steep stairs that were at a 70 degree angle and were spaced quite far apart which was terrifying as one slip and you were a goner over the edge.. It was pretty scary and I was shattered! After that it was another 45 minutes walk to the steepest railway in the world and a lovely two minute journey in the train to take us back to the start of the mountain!

Wednesday we had nothing planned so woke up around 11am and decided to go be tourists for the day and visit Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Unfortunately, it was not a very sunny day so we didn't get the best chances to get some good photo's! We did the best we could and still enjoyed our day out. We then walked through the botanical gardens and made our way back to the hostel (not before stopping off at Starbucks and a Froyo place along the way). We decided we deserved a night out and really needed a drink so we went and bought some Passion Pop and had pre drinks in our room. We then went out to a club close by at the harbour called Home where the view was amazing! It was high up and had three giant rooms with different music in them. There were huge windows all around so you could see the view and we had a really great night! We met two awesome guys called Nick and Will who were lovely enough to take us for drunk munchies at Hungry Jacks haha. We then made our way back home around 5.30am and got a good nights rest.

As Thursday was our last day we had to be up and out of the room by 10am (fun after having gone to bed at 5.30am) so we made our way downstairs still hungover and chilled in the lobby until the BBQ and Bondi trip was happening at 12pm. We were then taken onto a Base Bus (where more alcohol was provided! Goon, of course) and we made our way to the beach for some BBQ. We then walked to Bondi Beach and chilled there until 5pm. When we were back at the hostel we went and had dinner at the Scary Canary for $10 and went to get our train to catch our flight at the airport. We arrived back at the Village in Melbourne at 1am and went straight to bed!

Sarah x
P.S don't forget to check out my video all about Sydney HERE