Saturday, 3 May 2014

Top Trends ♡

Hi there wanderers, and welcome to today's top trends post! I have totally fallen in love with all the current trends and I never thought I would say this but the bohemian 'hippy' look is becoming more and more appealing! I get that it's mostly in use at sunny festivals and beachy hideouts but I'm from the United Kingdom so what kind of sunny festivals and beachy hideouts do we have? Answer - none.

Either way, the look is amazingly easy to achieve, in fact jump out of bed, quick shower, sprits of sea salt spray and jump into some torn denim shorts, a lacey top and add a floral headband and you're sorted! Other trends I am loving at the minute are the pastel shades, the tropical print (♡♡♡) and the palm tree print that goes hand in hand with the tropical print - SO MUCH LOVE! 

Sarah x