Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sultry Savannah ♡

Hi there wanderers, and welcome to my Sultry Savannah post! I decided to name this post after a sexy desert due to the fact that one of the crop tops featured in this post has palm trees all over it and they're pink! I was in Primark a few weeks back and I spotted this three adorable crop tops so I tried them out (and got distracted with some mirror changing room selflies!) and decided that I had to get the crop top with daisies on it. I unfortuntaley could not afford the other two (despite the low price) as I did not have enough money on me and my credit card wasn't working :(

Nevertheless, I love my Daisy crop top and in one of my recent videos over here I am sporting it! I might just go back and collect the other two though ;) 

♡ Daisy Crop Top - £6

♡ Kisses Crop Top - £6

♡ Palm Tree Crop Top - £8

Sarah x