Friday, 28 February 2014

Floral Forever 21 ♡

Hi there wanderers, and welcome to my very floral post! I recently went to Forever 21 and fell totally and completely in love with all things roses, daisies and sunflowers. Who wouldn't? I have a particular obsession with Roses as my grandmother was called "Rose" and we were very very close when I was growing up. Everything I do and think about always revolves around her in some way and even though she may not be with me to this day I still never go a day without thinking about her. I even wanted to get a tattoo of a Rose in her memory but my fear of pain has sort of not allowed me to create that yet!

I hope you like this post and can't wait to see more floral designs in the fashion industry! I know i can't, as I do in fact have a few more blog posts coming up about all things floral :)

♡ Blue Floral Crop Top - £8

♡ Floral Blouse - £12

♡ Dark Floral Crop Top - £7.95

♡ Sunflower Shorts - £11.75

Sarah x