Friday, 14 March 2014

London Bound ♡

Hi there wanderers, again I have been totally MIA and have literally written no posts in over a week and for that I am deeply sorry! Between University, work and trying to get all my bits and pieces together I seem to have neglected my blog and all its lovely followers! 

I just wanted to share with you, very quickly, that in a couple of hours me and my boyfriend, Aaron, will be on our way to the magical city of London! I cannot tell you how much I love London; always have, always will! I used to go every year as a high school student as we'd always go and see a play that had to do with someone we were studying in class. We ended up going so often that pretty soon our trips to London via the Eurostar were more of a sure deal and we started going for three to four days at a time as we got older. We'd stay in hostels and we had the most ever! I haven't been to London in a couple of years now and my heart is growing more and more sad as stay away from this wondrous city. 

Hence why I can't wait to wake up tomorrow at 9.30am and open my eyes to see the beautiful sights that London brings! I won't be travelling the classiest of ways as I am taking the overnight bus but to be honest I'll be asleep anyway so why does it matter? Either way, I'm like an excited little puppy!

LONDON - I cannot wait to be in you! 

Also it's my boyfriends birthday today and he turned 20! yay my lovely little adult! I guess London is more of a treat for him as he's never even been, imagine that! I can't wait to share the sights with him :)

Sarah x