Monday, 17 March 2014

Lavish London ♡

Hi there wanderers, so as you may or may not know, yesterday (or rather Saturday) I was in London! YAY! I had an absolutely amazing day! I left Glasgow around 23.40pm and arrived at Victoria Coach station at 9.30am - quite a journey I think you could say! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed myself and I wish I could have stayed longer as I love London far too much to be away from it for too long. My boyfriend, Aaron, really enjoyed himself as well and as previously mentioned; he'd never been to London before. I tried my best to show him the sights but unfortunately 12 hours just is not enough time to show someone all the amazing places and venues that London has to offer :( 

That being said we have decided we are going back soon and this time for one or two nights :)! Here's a list of places we managed to visit and I'll join up some photo's of the places below as well! 

Buckingham Palace
Green Park
Hyde Park
 Piccadilly Circus
Baker Street (Madame Tussauds!)
 Chinatown (there's a gian M&M's store right in the centre!)
The London Eye
Big Ben
10 Downing Street
Oxford Street

Piccadilly Circus
Buckingham Palace

TGI Friday's
Big Ben

London Eye

Sarah x