Monday, 24 February 2014

Sailor Savvy ♡

Hi there wanderers, once again I am so sorry about the lack of posts! Life does not want me to write and wants me to instead focus on my University work and my waitress job! In saying that I have had a rather interesting week:

- I have learned how to further use Avid Video editing equipment in my Video Production class at University. 

- I have worked non stop for five days in a row (that's ten to twelve hours a day) and learned that muscles in your feet CAN and WILL hurt for days on end.

- Feature Writing is incredibly interesting. 

- Writing about students travelling and studying abroad is making me super excited about travelling and studying in Melbourne, Australia come September!

Today's post however is on none of the above and much more about this super cute sailor/anchor themed trinket box/holder that I purchased today in Paperchase! It costs £3 but with a 10% student discount becomes £2.70; so inexpensive!

I know that this post is definitely not on anything that interesting but recently there has been a new stock change of sailor themed items in a lovely store named Paperchase and I cannot help but be totally mesmerised by the design. I am a huge fan of all things 'sea' inspired and I am going back in a couple of days to purchase a travel diary (with little anchors and seashells on the cover) for my escapades to Cyprus, Tunisia, Belgium, Spain, Turkey and Australia (which are all happening this year between May and September), an iPhone 5S case (with a picture of the sea and a cabana and a little quote underneath) and lastly a folder for all my University work (once again with anchors and seashells on it!)

I hope there are other sailor themed items admirers out there and that I am not alone in this obsession :) ♡ 

Sarah x