Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nail Nirvana ♡

Hi there wanderers, and to join my list of many first, today's post will be all about nails and manicures! I am absolutely obsessed with all things nails and when I was younger I always thought nail varnish was an absolute waste of time! I did spend hours collecting them just for the colours though I never opened them once! 

I then grew to love light pink, pastel shades and would spend hours trailing through shops and finding that perfect baby pink shade. I can now say that I own at least three boxes full (about fifty) of a plethora of pastel pinks and baby shades. Most of them are now half empty as I did end up opening them and applying them everyday. However, once Summer came about in good old Belgium I decided to venture out and saw what OPI colours had to offer me (OPI is my favourite for long and durable nail colour). I moved from pink shades to more adventurous once such as sunshine orange, banana yellow, green grass and lilac purples. 

Now though I prefer to veer towards Matte shades as it is (or feels like) Winter here in Scotland. As soon as Summer is upon us again I will crack open those adorable pastel and soft shades! How about you? What shades do you always rely on? 

Sarah x