Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hairstyles Passion ♡

Bow Ponytail ♡
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Different Diversions ♡

Waterfall Braid ♡
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Up Do Braid ♡

Hi there wanderers, welcome to my very first post on hairstyles and barnets! I can honestly say I am the type of person who obsesses over their hair far more than their make up.. I can go out to the shops or university or even work with no make up if needs be but I cannot go anywhere without styling my hair exactly as I like it! My do tends to stick to the same most days as it's what I'm comfortable with and what I know suits me. I straighten about 3/4 of my hair down the way and make sure I get all the curliness out then leave the end 4cm's naturally curly so as to give my hair an 'effortlessly wavy' feel. 

This look needs to be maintained every single day as during sleepless nights my hair enjoys reverting back to its natural curliness.. It usually takes me about thirty minutes to straighten it when washed (after having had a minimum four hour wait for it to dry; I refuse to use hairdryers when they only make my hair look even more dry) and then a quick five minutes every morning before going out for the day.

I watch so many styling tutorials and see so many different ways of styling my long auburn and ombre curls but I always seem to stick with what I know. So for your benefit I have decided to add some photographs of styles I have tried out on my hair (only to leave in for the five minutes I can be bothered) and my most inspired looks! 

Sarah x

Classic Cuts ♡