Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Delicate Daisies ♡

Hi there wanderers, today's post is going to be on a new love in my life, and that is my Daisy crop jumper! I love all things daisy themed and I really wish that sometimes there weren't so many varieties in the daisy and flower department!

I honestly cannot get enough of anything floral themed and I'm talking especially sunflowers or daisies. Now the weird thing is my favourite flower (If I had to choose) would be a pink/red rose because they look so delicate and whimsy but when it comes to clothing or accessories; it's daisies all the way!

My absolute favourite item of clothing in the daisy department has got to be this totally adorable jumper I got from chicnova (click here to check it out!) that only totalled in me being £17.35 out of pocket, thus making it another instant bargain! Words cannot describe how in love I am with this jumper. 

To be honest, crop jumpers are not my favoured item of clothing as I feel they always make me look somewhat frumpy but this jumper does not disappoint! I would honestly recommend this miniature jumper to anyone as daisy obsessed as I am but you'll have to do some hunting as the online store I purchased it from is currently sold out! Fear not though as it doesn't seem this trend is going anywhere! 

Sarah x