Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Daily Makeup Routine ♡

Makeup Products

Hi there wanderers, today's post will be on my makeup routine and in what order I apply each piece to
my bare face. I honestly have not changed up my routine in at least two years but I like what I have right now and I feel like if I changed it up I might not be entirely happy with the finished product.. Meaning the mess that is my face!

I am not a huge makeup guru nor am I the kind of person who loves to experiment and go wild with different styles and pieces so I prefer to stick to a more clean cut, natural and very minimalistic routine and colour on my face. 

I use my fingers (washed of course) mainly for applying all my foundation and concealer as I find that using brushes is not for me at all! It gets applied to my face faster when it is with my own hands and for the blush I do use a brush. I would say this routine takes me about ten minutes maximum every morning as I have perfected the fastest way to apply makeup! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Products featured:

♡Clinique - Even Better Makeup SPF 15
♡Maybelline - Dream Matte Mousse (Sun Beige 048)
♡Rimmel - Hide the Blemish Concealer (Soft Honey 103)
♡Seventeen - Instant Glow Bronzing Powder
♡Bronzer Brush
♡MAC - The Perfect Cheek Matte Powder Blush
♡Lancome Paris - Le Crayon Noir Eye Pencil 
♡Channel - Eyelash Curlers
♡Maybelline - Great Lash Very Black Mascara (top lashes)
♡Avon - Super Extend Mascara (bottom lashes)
♡Longchamp - Makeup bag

Sarah x