Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fashion Wishlist: Top 5 ♡

Hi there wanderers, welcome to my top 5 items currently on my fashion wish list! 

The items in this post are items that I can honestly say that I have had my eye on for what feels like a lifetime! I'll let you in on what I always end up doing when it comes to brand new clothes. 

First, I see them in the store or online.

Second, I check out the price and decide whether I can think of a justifiable reason for buying this item at THAT price.

Third, I decide that 'No it's okay I'll wait a bit for the price to go down'.

Fourth, when the price does eventually go down (and it always does without a fail) the only sizes left are either too small or too big and the only colours left of the item I wanted, now no longer exist!

So in all fairness, I think from now on I will justify the reason behind buying overpriced items as either I have it now and forever or I buy it at a discounted price but am not happy with the fit of it or the colour.  I really hope I'm not the only one who figures out potential life decisions in this manner..(!) To be honest, knowing me I'll probably wait another couple of weeks, lose out on them and then to make myself feel better, I'll buy something else completely irrelevant just because. And that ladies and gentlemen is how to spend any income from a minimum wage paying job on completely frivolous items! Anyway here are my top 5 and I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Top 5 Styles

♡ Urban Outfitters - Pins & Needles Daisy Spot Shirt
♡ TheWildFlowerShop - Erica Crewneck Layer Sweater
♡ Brandy Melville - Daisy Skater Skirt (S/S 2013)
♡ Zara - Polka Dot Dress with Peter Pan Collar
♡ Asos - Bellfield Jumper (Christmas '13)

(Did you notice the small theme of floral themed articles?) 

Sarah x