Sunday, 2 February 2014

Beauty Wishlist: Top 5 ♡

Hi there wanderers, welcome to my top 5 items currently on my beauty wish list!

These items are ones that I really really really want but haven't had a chance (or the money) to purchase them! Although in saying that some of the items listed are really not that bad price-wise, I just have terrible spending and saving budget skills.. As you might have noticed, I have added the Naked 3 palette as one of my top 5 items and yet in one of my upcoming YouTube videos (look for it on HERE) I mentioned that even though I had no money (£37's worth!) to be spending on expensive palettes and that the 'In the Buff' palette was just as practical, if not better, as a wholesome palette. I just can't help myself falling into the hype and buying into the latest craze.. 

So with that in mind I hope you feel the same as me in terms of giving in to fashion and beauty related crazes and that this post gives you some, if any, inspiration :)

Top 5 Beauty Products

Items featured:

♡ Naked 3 Palette
♡ EOS - Smooth Lip Balm Sphere
♡ Maybelline - The Rocket Mascara (Very Black)
♡ Topshop - Lip Bullet in Crave
♡Benefit - Hoola Bronzer

Sarah x