Friday, 19 December 2014

IT'S FINALLY HERE ♡ (slight hiatus)

HELLO! How are we doing wanderers?? I have to say I cannot wait for this day to be over although in saying that I feel like I need extra hours today! Before you all think I have gone mad let me explain what is happening today.. Basically in about eight hours time I will be at the airport waiting for my family to arrive from Belgium! OMG. Now The reason I need more time is because I need to finish packing (we will be making our way to a hotel later on) and cleaning up my room, putting on a washing, having a shower and at some point getting some food in me as it is 5pm and I have yet to stop and actually eat something! I also have a video to film still and edit and upload that. I have two video's currently uploading and I feel very frazzled! Anyway I just wanted to give you a quick update on what is going to be happening now that my parents are here. It does mean that I won't be going online half as much as we will be spending our days out on trips and activities and any free time will be spent eating or sleeping so I have therefore been very good these past three weeks and filmed, edited, uploaded and written all of the upcoming video's and blogposts and have put them on a schedule so that they will pop up online when I want them to without having to be antisocial :D I have about seven blog posts scheduled and five video's coming up to entertain you lot until I am back in Scotland and can get back to normal every day life! I will of course still be active on my Instagram and my Twitter account so you can always find me there!

Big love,

Sarah x