Wednesday, 29 January 2014

YouTube ♡

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YouTube Cover

Hi there wanderers, my first ever blog post on this blog will be about YouTube and my new found passion for creating material that I then go on to share with my lovely viewers! Hope you enjoy reading it :)

I have recently been getting very into creating, editing and uploading YouTube video's. These video's do not follow a certain genre or style they pretty much just flow freely. I have uploaded video's on shopping hauls, summer memories, gifts I have received and a new addition to the family is a monthly update on Birchbox deliveries.

I created my account back in 2009 and back then it was only so that I could upload a video of my brother and I during the wintertime when I had nowhere else to keep the video. That video is still featured on my channel as it brings back memories of that day and makes me feel happy I managed to keep at least one video of my childhood intact.  The video may only be a little over thirty seconds but it still holds a flicker of magnitude to myself. Here's the video for your enjoyment :) 

It took me a while to get back into using YouTube as for me it has always been more about watching content and getting ideas and inspiration from fellow YouTubers. Only recently (the past six months) have I really connected with my channel and realised what it is I wanted to feature, create and share with the world of YouTubers. I have gone from having 2 subscribers to 48 to now having just under 2500 lovely subscribers! 

I love the feeling of cutting and editing and the process that goes hand in hand with creating content that you want your viewers to enjoy and share. It is an amazing process and the community online is just astounding and headstrong. I hope to continue creating video's for my channel and to keep feeling the motivation I feel inside me at this moment. I always push myself to post between one and two video's a week although I do not set a particular day as to when they will be shared.

If you would like to have a little look around my channel you are more than welcome! Just click over HERE and off you go! 

Sarah x