Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Shopping Haul ♡

♡ January Shopping Haul (whoops) ♡

Hi there wanderers, todays post is going to be about my January Shopping Haul and there are lots of new buys, goodie! I have a severe shopping condition and I am signed up to far way too many online shopping forums and sites! Recent ones I have joined are Pinterest (which makes me want literally everything!), click here for my profile, and my favourite new website is called The Hunt and you can find my profile here

Basically The Hunt is this super trendy website where you can search exactly what it is you're looking for by uploading a picture of the item and then you just sit back and wait for everyone else to tell you where you can buy that exact item! It super easy and the response is so fast as well. While you are waiting for people to find your items you can browse so many different things that you end up finding articles you want that you didn't even know existed two minutes ago! (That happened for me with the Nutella dispenser and the plastic bottle that crushes fruit and dissolves it into your water..). 

Anyway here is a handy list of all the items on my January shopping haul! 

Items featured: ☟

♡Polaroid Album - Amazon
♡Daisy Phone Case - New Look 
♡Black Heels - Ebay
♡Shirt - Wildflower
♡Dress - New Look
♡Kimono - New Look
♡Mint Top - Missguided
♡Purple Top - Missguided
♡Mesh Crop Top - Missguided
♡Quilted Top - Topshop
♡Black shorts - Topshop
♡White jumper - Asos (Mango)
♡Daisy Dress - Asos 
♡Blue Top - Forever 21
♡Pink lace Top - Boohoo

Can't wait to wear all of this, just looking at it makes me want to climb out of bed and put them on! 

Sarah x

PS. Don't forget to check out my new video with more in depth information about my haul :)!