Thursday, 24 September 2015

Comfort > Sleepwear? ♡

Hey there weshy wanderers how are we all doing? Good I hope! :) 

So recently I found out that the sleep experts at Casper want to find out what wardrobe to wear when it comes to bedtime. Now I know that most people probably don't even really think about what they're shoving on, I know I spent a lot of time coming home from school and grabbing the nearest sweater and sweatpants and shoving them on to feel comfortable but when it came to bedtime I would end up feeling either far too warm or highly uncomfortable. So what if we took a minute just to really assess what sleepwear would best suit our bedtime needs? First of all let's get acquainted with the sleep friendly company Casper.

Let's start from the very beginning, who, or what, exactly is Casper? Well to put it in basic terms they are a new sleep startup company who believe that their mattress will forever change sleeping rituals. Why you ask? Well because their Casper mattress is made from a special blend of three types of foam (here comes the technical bit!): 

1) Latex foam -> this provides he support, cooling effect and bounce.
2) Memory foam -> this provides a deeper sense of support and a major relief of comfort.
3) Support foam -> which helps make sure you don't sink into your new one of a kind bed! 

Basically, Casper has ensured that whatever sleepwear you have on, your mattress will be there to support your body and help you fall into that wonderful deep and relaxing sleep. 

Moving onto the sleepwear fashion side of things! Casper would like to invite people to talk about what their favourite going to bed outfits are as part of the Beauty Sleep Style Challenge and therefore I have divided up the sleepwear options into the most popular case scenarios:

A Girly Sleepover
Funnily enough I hosted a sleepover last night with my two best friends from University and although we may not have looked like the height of comfort fashion, we most definitely felt it! I decided to wear my slouchy blue joggers, some fluffy white slippers, a stripy top and my Stirling University jumper over it. Now none of that sounds stylish in any way but if I was to host a major girly night this is definitely what I would go for:

Neutral colours always make me feel so relaxed! 
Now I understand neither of those outfits are very vibrant but remember what you see as 'stylish' is all down to personal taste so always keep that in mind :) 

Comfort Above All Else
In order to get the best ever beauty sleep (and Lord knows I need it!), I would ensure that with this particular outfit I most definitely do feel comfortable!! For this look I have decided to go on more of a 'cute' look that also translates as very comfortable in terms of airiness and fit/tightness. Both these outfits are once again very neutral but the pineapple trend is very in vogue at the moment and the sleepy girl look is really all I am about! I am one very sleepy girl!

Looking and Feeling Mighty Fine
Last but definitely not least by any means, the looking fine and feeling might fine segment! This one will probably be the most popular option as most of us girls like to imagine our lives are a fairytale and although we want to feel comfort at all times we also want to make sure we look good doing whatever it is we're doing! So here are my choices for looking beautiful and stylish always (even if only going to bed..)

If it's good enough for Rosie then it's good enough for me! 

A girl can dream can't she?? 

Now if you would like to know more about Casper and see what some of their sleep favourites are, why not head on over to their website or have a look at their social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Let's try and get #OOTN* trending for sleepwear! Let me know in the comments down below what outfits you would have chosen :) 

*Outfit of the Night. 

Sarah xx