Sunday, 22 February 2015

Winter Fashion Haul ♡

Hi there weshy wanderers, yet again I have been a bit MIA and have realised that I need to pay you some attention! So basically my life so far has been surrounded by my University work, working part time at Rogano and trying to keep updated with YouTube and just life in general! I have also started a new fitness and lifestyle regime and I am really hoping it works as I am totally sticking to it this time! I have a few friends at work who are doing it too so I am hoping that their motivation keeps me going! My family was here in Scotland for four days so I may have fallen off the wagon for a few days but now they have gone so I am hoping to get right back on the correct track! 

Anyway I have a few goodies coming up and I am hoping to spruce my blog up a bit! I have a few ideas for blog posts and videos coming up so I am hoping you enjoy them! This video is about my current winter wardrobe and what I have recently purchased! I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been buying and keep your eyes peeled for some different material soon! 

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Sarah xxx