Sunday, 11 January 2015

Healthy Pancakes ♡

Hi there wanderers! Welcome to my first ever "DIY Cooking" video! The reason I have never done a cooking video before is because, I cannot for the life of me, cook..  I mean yeah I can make a mean Tiramisu and pancakes are hard to mess up and pasta obviously but apart from that I am pretty hopeless.. As you will be able to tell by my failed attempt at making these pancakes! Which is a shame as I come from a family of very talented cooks! My mother has always made us home made food from scratch that was delicious even though at 21 she could not even boil an egg.. So I guess all hope is not lost! My father is also a brilliant cook and never relies on recipe books, everything he cooks he does from memory or from his own combination. It is no wonder he's so good as his mother (my grandmother) is an AMAZING cook! Her food is just amazing and never misses the mark! 

Anyway I hope you enjoy :D 

Sarah x